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Ready to bring high quality, high margin CBD products to your Health, Wellness, Fitness, or Pharmacy business? Learn about the Puure Retailer and Distribution Program.

Ready to bring an exciting high quality CBD product line to your retail location? With the Puure Therapeutics pharmacist formulated line up including oils, topicals and gummies, you’ll be introducing a proven, high margin product line to your product mix.

Our focus on trusted community professionals.

At Puure our success is your success. We understand that communities are centered on trusted health and wellness professionals that commit to the health and safety of their customers. That’s why we put an emphasis on trust, transparency and high quality products. It’s a great partnership for everyone. Which is why you will not find Puure Products at any location that doesn’t meet our highest standards for customer trust and professionalism.

Hear from Steve Shah, owner of Nature's Pavilion, the highest volume CBD retailer in New Jersey.

Retailer Support Program

The Puure Therapeutics team knows retailers need the support of a dedicated team to help drive demand and reorders! The Puure Therapeutics Retailer Support consists of;

1. CBD Training; one-on-one training for the retail professional and their staff to understand the benefits of CBD products and the Puure Therapeutics differentiators

2. High Quality Marketing Materials; everything from beautiful POS displays, consumer brochures, Educational brochures, social media support, door clings and attractive “jump off the shelf” packaging
3. Competitive Margins; high quality products with good margins that allows everyone to win. Good discounts for volume orders and incentives for the best retailers.
4. Committed Team; At Puure Therapeutics we’re in this together, so the level of support (training, marketing, consultation) is something not many companies can commit to. We’re dedicated to launching successful programs for all our retailers.

Distributors Wanted

If you are a current distributor in the retail health and wellness industry or are looking to get into and grow in a high quality, high margin category, we’re looking for you! You’ll enjoy all the benefits of the Retailer Support Program, with no limit on your success! Let’s discuss territory and options to get started!

For more information about our Retailer or Distributor Program, fill out the form below.

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