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Can I mix CBD Oil with Coffee?

Why Are People Adding CBD to Coffee?

Everybody looks forward to their first cup of coffee in the morning. Most Americans drink a cup of coffee daily and some more than two cups a day. When coffee becomes such a large part of your daily routine you may not notice the negative side effects that come along with the beverage.

If you are like me you then you like to spice up your mornings by switching up your daily coffee routine. Coffee connoisseurs might know all about lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and more, but have you heard of CBD infused coffee? The newest trend of CBD infused coffee has all of the benefits of a regular cup of coffee with the additional benefits CBD brings to the table. The best part is that CBD can be added to your favorite coffee beverage! 

We at Puure Therapeutics have started adding CBD infused coffee to our daily routine and created this article to show you the difference it can make it your life.

In this article, you will learn:

Why You Should Mix CBD Oil with Coffee

If you drink a couple cups of coffee everyday, you are consuming an excessive amount of caffeine which can cause anxiety. Although coffee makes you feel alert and focused, it also causes the jitters. Every drink coffee on an empty stomach and notice your hand is shaking? That’s the jitters. Whether its the exciting thought of getting your first cup of coffee in the morning or the beverage itself, coffee increases your heart rate. 

This is the primary reason that you might want to add CBD oil to coffee, to balance out these negative side-effects. Rather than cut out your daily dose of caffeine that gets you through the day, cut the affects of coffee by adding CBD. CBD has benefits that can counteract the negative side effects that come along with drinking coffee. 


Benefits of Adding CBD Oil to Coffee

Caffeine and CBD are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Caffeine provides you with energy, but it also provides you with a rapid heartbeat or digestive issues. CBD on the other hand offers a mellow feeling and can relieve inflammation. Basically, these two compounds come together to produce longer-lasting benefits, including enhanced alertness, without the side effects.

Enhance Mental Alertness

When caffeine provides you with the feeling of being awake and alert, it can also be followed by a crash. CBD oil can help to enhance the feeling of mental alertness because it interacts with neurotransmitters that are actually responsible for carrying out the effects of the caffeine.

Mental alertness in the brain is made up of various neurotransmitters, but perhaps the most important one is adenosine. Adenosine is unique in that as it builds up, the neurons actually begin to send messages at a slower pace. This is basically what makes you feel tired after drinking coffee. Adenosine is in our bodies to help us fall asleep at night and quiet our minds.

When you drink coffee, the caffeine blocks adenosine. It does this by attaching to the receptors, which effectively prevents it from doing what it is supposed to do. This is why coffee keeps you awake. Adding CBD oil to your coffee can combat this affect and prevent the crash you experience after that initial rush coffee provokes. 

When CBD interacts with adenosine, it actually acts as a modulator, improving the efficiency of the adenosine receptors. This is why CBD is known to work as a sleep aid.

Reduce Anxiety

Unfortunately for many, coffee causes anxiety or digestion problems. This is why CBD is such a good pair with coffee; CBD oil is used for treating anxiety. CBD helps to reduce anxiety ina  few different ways

  • Relaxes the nervous system by increasing GABA activity.
  • Helps to regulate stress responses in the hypothalamus.
  • Reduces anxiety by acting as a muscle relaxer.
  • Stops inflammation in all areas of the body, including in the brain (One of the most common reasons for anxiety).

Studies have shown that CBD oil is extremely effective at reducing anxiety, which makes sense as to why users have coupled coffee with CBD oil.

Increase the Length of CBD Oil and Caffeine Benefits

Both CBD oil and caffeine affect the human body in different ways. What is most interesting about the interaction between the two is that when combined in the body they increase the length of positive effects. 

This occurs in part because of how the liver uses a series of specialized enzymes to break both of these substances down. When these compounds attempt to be processed at the same time, the liver cannot process them fast enough. This results in CBD oil and caffeine both being processed slower, thus creating a relaxed but alert feeling in the user.

How to Make CBD Infused Coffee at Home


How Much CBD Should You Add to Your Coffee?

This really depends on what you personally want and need. The advised amount is different for everyone. The best ratio you can start with would be 5-8 milligrams per cup of coffee. After you understand your personal need and tolerance, you will be able to tailor your dose to your preference.

Does CBD Change the Taste of Your Coffee?

Many CBD products do change the taste of coffee because you are essentially putting oil into your coffee. The best way to avoid drastically changing the taste of your coffee is lowering the amount added, adding cream or sugar or by using CBD oil that is extracted in coconut oil. Black coffee has a very distinct taste that doesn’t mesh well with the taste of CBD. We recommend adding cream or sugar to balance out the flavor but if you are a black coffee drinker through and through, I’m sure you will still enjoy the additional benefits of  adding CBD to your coffee.  

Find a CBD to coffee ratio that you enjoy and adjust accordingly. Different flavors of CBD are a great way to adjust the taste of your morning beverage. It really is all about personal preference and being open to experimenting.

How to Make CBD Oil Taste Better 

If you still cannot get behind the flavor of CBD in your coffee then you may need to figure out a better method of disguising the flavor. This might include adding milk or sugar, but you can also spice things up by adding chocolate or caramel sauce. Get creative with CBD lattes or CBD cappuccinos or simply stick with your homemade special.


What is the Best Kind of CBD Oil for your Coffee? 

There are three different types of CBD oil, isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. Isolate is known to be the “weakest” of all potencies, but it is the purest form of CBD. 

  • Isolate CBD is over 99% pure. This is because it is made by pulling the CBD from its natural environment and excluding all other ingredients.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD contains all of the different natural phytochemicals in the hemp plant. Along with CBD, you will find any other trace cannabinoids, terpenes, and added essential oils. This is the most expensive form of CBD oil. It is thought that full-spectrum CBD has the most positive health effects.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD is less expensive than full-spectrum and contains cannabidiol as well as all the other compounds within the marijuana plant besides THC. 

The best kind of CBD oil for your coffee is full-spectrum. This will give you the best effects to counterbalance the negative effects of coffee.

What Kind of Coffee is it Best to Add CBD to?

Because some studies have suggested that CBD degrades when exposed to heat, this means that adding CBD to your hot coffee may reduce its potency. This also means that the best coffee to add CBD to would be iced coffee. Whether this is an iced coffee, a cold brew, or an iced latte, you will get better results with a colder beverage. Although you get better effects mixing CBD with a chilled coffee beverage that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add it your hot coffee. When adding CBD to hot coffee, simply keep in mind the potency will be reduced and adjust the dosage accordingly. 

Where can you buy CBD infused coffee

Where Can You Get CBD Infused Coffee?

Now that CBD infused coffee is all the hype, some coffee shops in select areas sell CBD infused lattes and other various CBD infused drinks. Before 2018 this was not possible, but since Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018 which allowed for CBD to be legal, you can find CBD on most café menus in CBD friendly cities as an add-on similar to almond milk, or foam.

You can also choose to make CBD infused coffee at home. This is a great option because it is cheaper, and allows you to choose exactly how much CBD is in your coffee.

Other Drinks You Can Add CBD to 

Coffee is not the only drink you can add CBD to, you transform all of your favorites drinks into a variety of CBD infused drinks. Whether that is your morning tea or a happy hour cocktail, CBD can be added! CBD can be added to most common drinks as long as it does not change the flavor enough to bother you.

Alternatively, you can also take your CBD sublingually. This means just place it into your mouth, under your tongue, and you should get the same effects whether or not it is actually inside of your coffee.

Where to Get the Best CBD Online? – Puure Therapeutics 

CBD oil in coffee is a great opportunity to easily balance out the anxiety that comes along with drinking coffee, and is easy to make! At Puure Therapeutics, we focus on creating a natural CBD product with the highest quality of ingredients to ensure our customers get a pure and healthy product. Browse our selection of CBD oils and lotions to add to your coffee or for everyday use. To learn more about CBD check out our blog or contact us today!   


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