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PureKana is based in Scottsdale, Arizona with a mission to lead the industry in bringing high-quality CBD based products to the marketplace. They work to educate the public on the properties of hemp extract and offer some the industry’s highest quality products.

Founded in 2017, in the last few years, PureKana has grown to one of the top-selling CBD brands in the United States. The high-quality hemp used in PureKana CBD products is grown and harvested in Kentucky. Which it is then carefully processed, extracted, and quality tested to create incredibly rich CBD products. 

Not only does PureKana create high-quality products, but they also claim that all PureKana products are non-GMO, organically grown hemp products that contain no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or solvents. 

Although it can be difficult to pick the best CBD company with the saturation on the market, PureKana is definitely a brand that is well-liked by customers. With a quick Google search, you can find plenty of positive comments about the brand. They are known for exceptional customer service and being a premium CBD manufacturer. 

In this article you will learn:

Products that PureKana Offers

PureKana provides customers with many of the standard CBD products such as oils, capsules, and gummies, but also offers unique products such as bath bombs, topicals, and “Pure Picks.” 

It is good to be aware that these products are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, with their lowest dose oil of 300mg costing $70 if not on sale. But we here at Puure Therapeutics can reassure you, you are getting what you pay for!

PureKana CBD Oil

High Quality CBD Oil

CBD oil is a staple product at PureKana and comes in many different options. Whether you prefer a stronger potency at 5000mg (per 40 serving bottle) or prefer something lighter at 300mg (per 40 serving bottle), there are five total potencies to choose from. 

If original flavors aren’t your style you can find mint, vanilla, and several citrus-flavored CBD oils. These can be added to your favorite drink, or placed under the tongue for quicker results. PureKana recommends vaping your CBD oils for the best effect, but offers vape pens as well. 

These oils are best for those who are looking to gain focus, relieve themselves from stress, and in higher dosages, for chronic pain and insomnia. Start slow with a lower strength if you are a beginner, and slowly increase your dosage to your liking.

PureKana CBD Vape Pens

Where to buy CBD Vape Pen

These CBD Vape Pens are sold in four flavors which are supposed to coincide with different moods. 

Different Flavors

  • Blood Orange for composed
  • Blue Raspberry to calm
  • Mint for comfort
  • Watermelon mint to recharge 

Having these vape pens based on mood makes it easy for new users to pick their pens. 

Each vape pen costs $35 and includes 231mg of CBD in each pen. They are made for one-time use.

PureKana CBD Capsules

High Quality CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are an easy way to obtain CBD in a simple pill form. There is only one option for PureKana’s CBD capsules, and that is a bottle containing 30 capsules delivering 25mg of CBD each. This comes in at $89 which is generally higher than other brands. 

These capsules are easy to take and not hard to find. Simply take as you would any other pill or vitamin. Great for dealing with stress or anxiety as they deliver a quick calming effect.

PureKana CBD Gummies

Best CBD Gummies 2020

CBD gummies are very popular, as they are a fun and tasty way to get your dose of CBD. Additionally, vegan customers will have no worries when consuming these gummies as they are all cruelty-free and completely vegan. 

Each $40 bottle includes 20 gummies with 25mg of CBD per gummy. These gummies are a great value and it makes sense why the reviews are all very good on this product.

PureKana CBD Pure Picks 

High Quality CBD Pure Picks

One of the most unique and original products on PureKana’s website is its CBD Pure Picks. These are edible sticks that you can either chew or suck on to obtain the CBD orally. 

Different Flavors 

  • Tropical Mint
  • Lemon-lime
  • Strawberry Limeade
  • Orange Buzz
  • Churro Pure
  • Mountain Berry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Cinnamint (Cinnamon-mint)
  • Caramel Apple

Each Pure Picks pack comes with ten picks dosed at 25mg per and costs $39. They are easy to take on the go and enjoyable to eat.

PureKana CBD for Pets

High quality CBD for Pets

The benefits of CBD for pets have become more apparent and CBD pet products have recently become more popular. PureKana offers six different options of dog treats that come in flavors of blueberry and chicken, peanut butter and pumpkin, and steak and sweet potato. 

Each flavor is offered in small and large breed varieties which ensures your furry friend gets an accurate dose. Large breed treats cost $34.99 for a bag of 20, small bread treats cost $29.99 for a bag of 25.

PureKana CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bomb from PureKana

PureKana also creates a few skin and bath products, one of those being a CBD bath bomb. These are especially great for full-body relaxation. 

Different Flavors 

  • Charcoal Almond
  • Coconut
  • Cucumber
  • Eucalyptus
  • Midnight Roses

Each bath bomb delivers 50mg of CBD into your tub, is made with high-quality natural ingredients, and costs $12.99. PureKana recommends soaking for around 25-30 minutes for optimal effects.

PureKana CBD Topicals

High Quality CBD Topicals 2020

The skincare line from PureKana is on the more expensive side, but is higher dosed and claims to be made of incredible quality. In this line, they offer CBD topical ointment, CBD muscle menthol roll-on gel, CBD transdermal patches, and topical CBD cream

The CBD topical ointment comes in a package of 2oz and includes a total of 600mg CBD. This is essentially their high-quality CBD oil mixed into moisturizing cream with a blood orange scent. PureKana recommends you apply the ointment directly to whatever your pain areas might be, and use it as you would a normal moisturizing cream.

PureKana’s CBD transdermal patches are very unique. These are used by sticking directly to an area of skin that has pain and delivers CBD relief. These unique patches are available for $17.99 as a single pack or $48.99 for a 3-pack. 

This is pretty pricey for a patch, so you are better to use their CBD moisturizing cream or CBD menthol roll-on gel which costs $80 for 600mg. If you are looking for serious relief and a better value you can go for the 1500mg extra strength topical CBD cream which will set you back $129.

What is PureKana’s Specialty 

PureKana is known for offering high-quality, innovative products. Specifically their PurePicks, as well as pet treats and bath bombs. There is always a new and exciting option to try from PureKana.

PureKana prides itself on creating new ways to deliver high quality CBD to its customers. 

PureKana: Pros & Cons 



Manufactured in a cruelty-free process (vegan) Products are generally more expensive than other comparable brands
Independent lab results provided online
High-quality, organic products
Made from organic hemp
Products contain less than 0.3% THC
Huge range of flavor options available

Should You Buy PureKana’s Products ?

If you can afford to buy the best quality then you should, PureKana is an incredible option for high-quality CBD products

The hemp from these products is all grown in Kentucky, meaning that none of their materials are sourced from out of the country. This supports the American hemp industry and ensures that the hemp is organically grown according to American standards. Although they do offer a great product, their CBD is not organic. If you are someone who wants a more natural product than it may be best to find an organic CBD company. Every PureKana product is lab tested to ensure quality. 

It can be hard to find a reliable CBD company when the market is so saturated but you have that in PureKana. 

Where to Get the Best CBD Products 

Looking for some great deals on some of the best CBD on the market? Our online CBD shop, Puure Therapeutics, has tons of great prices on top of line organic CBD oils and creams.

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