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Puure Therapeutics launches Sales Mentorship program with CEO and former global pharmaceutical executive.

Puure continues its expansion into independent pharmacies and natural retailers. As part of the Puure growth strategy, Puure has launched their Sales Mentorship program.

Under the guidance of Naresh Mehta, CEO of Puure Therapeutics, research pharmacist and international pharmaceutical executive, the Puure Sales Mentorship program is designed to train and mentor motivated individuals on many aspects of the premium CBD business including sales, marketing, product development, supply chain, operations and understanding the science behind CBD in a regulated market.

“This industry is about education and consultation, not about selling,” says Naresh. “Many people approach us with different questions or challenges they are having and we help them. The Puure Sales Mentorship program is formalizing the sharing of information.”

The primary focus will be on sales and marketing, which for any business is the lifeblood where extensive education, training, consultation, and guidance will help build a strong foundation to grow from as well as a lucrative commission structure.

“There are really good margins in CBD, and with a premium product, and the right motivated individuals armed with the right tools and training, it becomes a powerful combination. Education is the key.” says Naresh.

Anyone interested in learning more about Puure Therapeutics and the Puure Sales Mentorship program can visit puuretherapeutics.com or text your interest to 800-653-0914.

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