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Puure Therapeutics launches three new products to meet customer and retailer demand for 2022.

With a new maximum strength 1500mg CBD oil and two flavors of CBD gummies, Puure meets retailer and customer demands with line expansion. 

New for 2022, Puure Therapeutics launches two new products based on consumer and retailer insights driven by science. Lead by research pharmacist and CEO, Naresh Mehta, the new 1500mg CBD Oil and 300mg CBD Calming Chews satisfies retailer and consumer requests and meets Puure’s demand for premium products to add to their lineup that deliver a better CBD experience.

“Our best performing product is our 1000mg CBD oil. We wanted to build on that with a maximum strength product that delivers powerful relief.That’s our new 1500mg CBD oil. We feel this will be our best performing product, both for retailers and customers” says Naresh Mehta, CEO Puure Therapeutics.

The Puure team didn’t stop with the new 1500mg CBD oil. Developed in tandem with the 1500mg CBD oil, Puure is launching its first ever line of CBD gummies. The Puure 300mg Calming Chews again meets the strict criteria for a premium product with great flavors. Gummies remain a popular format for delivery of high quality CBD and Puure CBD gummies are superior because of a number of factors. The CBD (10mg per chew) is “infused” in the gummy, not sprayed, or coated so there is consistency with every chew. The Puure Calming Chews are also vegan, organic, and non-gmo which are important features customers look for.

“Retailers and customers alike love the gummy format and is often customers first introduction to a CBD product for relief. We took our time in developing the right formulation to deliver a premium experience plus delicious flavors” says Naresh

The Puure 300mg CBD Calming Chews come in two flavors, Strawberry Lemonade and Green Apple for a refreshing alternative format.

For more information on Puure Therapeutics products visit https://puuretherapeutics.com/ or email [email protected]

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