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Yoga Instructor’s Guide to CBD Oils & Lotions [2020]

Yoga Journal recently conducted a study that revealed approximately 20.4 million Americans practice yoga. The publication’s research further revealed that 44% of those not currently doing yoga do aspire to start doing downward dog and sun salutations one day. We can only speculate that Americans are so enthusiastic about yoga because of both the physical and mental benefits created by this wellness practice. 

Another popular health trend is the use of CBD to create a variety of physical and mental improvements which are similar results from a regular yoga practice. So, it makes sense to combine CBD with yoga for a next level health experience. At Puure Therapeutics, we believe that CBD can enhance and support the health benefits of Yoga. 

In this article you will learn:

The Health Effects of CBD and Yoga

Humans have a complex internal network called the Endocannabinoid System or “ECS” which can be positively impacted by yoga and CBD. The ECS affects our immune system, nervous system, skin, bones, brain, and various organs. Plus, it influences different functions within the body, like metabolism, sleep, appetite, stress, pain, mood, reproduction, and pain.

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, comes from the same cannabis plant that also produces hemp and marijuana. CBD is a natural compound that’s been scientifically proven to improve overall well-being, similar to practicing yoga. That’s because both yoga and CBD directly influence your complex Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  

Since CBD became federally legalized in 2018, the retail market has become flooded with various CBD products. You can buy hundreds of CBD infused items like tinctures, lotions, candies, teas, and even pillows that release micro doses of CBD while you sleep. Considering how easy it is to access CBD and the positive effects of its use, it makes sense that many athletes (including yogis) have begun incorporating CBD into their overall healthy lifestyles.

In fact, many yogis like the benefits of CBD because it can seemingly enhance their yoga practice. Both yoga and CBD work together to provide relief from things like:

Benefits of Yoga and CBD

In 2015, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) published a scientific review of the effect regular yoga practice can have on common mental health issues. The NCBI study suggests regular yoga practice may decrease the toll of depression, general anxiety disorder (GAD), substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Obviously, there are plenty of recent medical articles also promoting the positive effects of CBD on adults dealing with similar diagnosis.

Benefits of Using CBD Before, During, and After Yoga Class 

There’s a long list of positive results you can get from using CBD. That’s why it seems logical that yogis would incorporate CBD use into their daily regimen. Many yoga practitioners claim these five common benefits of using CBD during yoga class.

Yoga Frame of Mind

CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety which improves focus. That’s very helpful when preparing to do an hour-long yoga class. You have a limited amount of time to enjoy your poses and stretches. So, many yogis feel it’s useful to use CBD prior to getting on their yoga mat to get into that Yoga state of mind. 

Improve Your Yoga Flow

CBD is well-known to be an anti-inflammatory agent. That’s because CBD encourages your immune system to decrease swelling and discomfort throughout the body. Yoga is also recommended as a method of treating inflammation within the body. Combining CBD with your yoga will most likely decrease your pain and inflammation while also making it easier to hold your yoga postures.

Relax and Meditate

Each type of yoga has its own connection to meditation. For instance, Kundalini yoga incorporates singing, chanting, and meditation. People that practice Vinyasa yoga are familiar with the synchronizing of breath with each movement until it puts the practitioner into a meditative state.

No matter which type of yoga one practices, the use of CBD before class can certainly help calm one’s nerves and relax the mind so it’s much easier to enjoy your yoga practice.  

Faster Recovery

In Yoga, there are plenty of moves that test your endurance and physical limits. You might do planks, head stands, or Bikram yoga in a steaming hot room, which can make you sore. To aid the aches and pains, ,many yogis rely on CBD to help speed up their recovery from tight, sore, strained muscles. CBD can reduce inflammation throughout the body. The use of CBD before bed has been known to result in a deeper sleep, improving muscle recovery.

Stay Blissful

The Sanskrit word for bliss is “Ananda” which is why scientists named a special blissful neurotransmitter, Anandamide. You may have heard of “the runner’s high” which is also caused by Anandamide. Unfortunately, this neurotransmitter doesn’t circulate throughout our body for long.

However, the use of CBD has been found to block the enzyme that breaks down Anandamide and, ultimately, ends your happiness high. Using CBD after your yoga class can help you hold on to that special “afterglow” from your Hatha yoga class.

It’s also been reported that using CBD may prevent injuries which can be particularly useful to beginning yogis or older yoga practitioners. Millions of Americans over the age of 50 practice yoga several times each week. Obviously, these older yogis could find CBD to be a huge boost to their yoga routine considering CBD’s physical benefits.

Ways Yoga Can Activate Endocannabinoid Receptors 

In 2016, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published a study detailing how endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) exist within muscle and fascia tissue. Researchers concluded that these receptors exist as part of the larger, more complex Endocannabinoid System (ECS). 

In the NIH study, scientists further indicated that stretching and exercise may activate the endocannabinoid receptors and stimulate the ECS. In regular people terms, this means the physical activity of yoga, while engaging tendons, muscles, and ligaments, might make the body more open to CBD. 

Bottom line, the NIH study indicates exercise (like yoga) partnered with CBD seemingly impacts the body in a similar way, both resulting in positive results. Combining CBD with yoga in your wellness regime may enhance your yoga practice. Yogis that use CBD could find their practice is improved in the following ways:

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga and CBD: Natural Medicine for Anxiety and Depression? 

For decades, the medical community has tried to find a variety of ways to treat depression and anxiety. Of course, there have been plenty of developments regarding prescription medication. However, natural solutions continue to be explored.

Harvard University Medical School published a 2018 article discussing yoga’s mental health benefits. One key point is that practicing yoga may reduce the body’s stress responses, ultimately helping to reduce depression and anxiety. In other words, yoga may be another positive self-soothing technique, like talking with friends, going to the gym, or meditation/prayer. Yogis often can lower their physiological response to stress with controlled breathing, lowered blood pressure, and reduced heart rate. 

A University of Utah study also indicates that yoga practitioners tend to have a better response to physical pain because yoga improves the body’s stress responses. Yogis participating in this small study had the highest level of pain tolerance and lowest pain-related brain activity on MRIs. 

This research hints at yoga practitioners developing certain physical abilities and techniques that lower stress and pain responses. Ultimately, this can translate to better control over symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Benefits of CBD

CBD Yoga Classes

CBD Yoga classes aren’t simply an interesting trend, like goat yoga, but rather a progressive version of this healing, ancient practice. CBD Yoga gives participants of all levels an opportunity to mix the health benefits of CBD with yoga in a safe, comfortable environment.

Most CBD Yoga classes are a blend of Jivamukti, ashtanga, and hatha yoga styles. Yoga students are invited to try a CBD-infused product either before class starts or when it ends.  Using CBD before class can heighten the experience, while using it after class can improve recovery and lessen muscle soreness. 

CBD Yoga instructors are usually regular CBD users that can guide beginners to trying the best product for their goal. Some CBD Yoga teachers may even sell CBD products or can recommend the best local retailers. You can ask your Yoga instructor for help figuring out which outcomes you’d prefer, and which CBD item will meet that need. 

For instance, ingesting a CBD oil directly under the tongue will cause it to absorb into your system quickly. On the other hand, if you put CBD oil on food then you’ll have to wait for it to pass through your digestive system first before it begins working. If you’re hoping to use CBD for the treatment of joint pain, then your yoga teacher may direct you towards topical CBD creams or lotions. 

No matter which item you use during CBD Yoga class, you’ll want to incorporate this product into your daily wellness routine. After all, CBD isn’t something you can just use once and then have your symptoms disappear. Just like you practice yoga daily, you’ll also want to use CBD on a regular basis to continue receiving its health benefits. You can’t do one Downward Dog pose and think you’ll start seeing lower blood pressure and more flexibility. Same thing with CBD use and its health perks.

CBD for Yoga Instructors

Where Yoga Instructors Can Buy CBD – Puure Therapeutics

Science is finding an interesting link between yoga and CBD. We’re already aware of the long list of perks associated with these two natural medicines.  Both mental and physical health can be positively stimulated by complimenting your regular yoga practice with CBD use.

Even expert yoga instructors are incorporating CBD use before, during, and after their yoga classes. The gentle benefits of CBD and yoga are far-reaching and continue to be revealed to us. Puure Therapeutics offers pharmacist formulated CBD Oils and Lotions that are independently verified to ensure quality. Get the most out of your CBD experience with our high quality CBD oils.




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