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Green Roads Review

Green Roads was founded by Arby Barroso and Lara Fuentes in 2011, as a small family business. They source their hemp plants from Colorado, process them in Florida, and inspect all of the products at their in-house facility. 

This brand honors a commitment to selling safe and effective alternatives to often prescribed pain medications with harmful chemicals. They pride themselves in offering products great for chronic pain and anxiety and are distributed in over 5,000 retails stores across the country. 

When buying Green Roads products you can be sure you are receiving CBD products without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or solvents.

All formulations are developed by pharmacists and they have an independent lab test all raw materials for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, and more.

This can be confirmed by scanning the QR code available on every bottle’s label. It is no wonder why Green Roads won “Best CBD Product” at the 2018 and 2019 Cannabis Business Awards.

Green Roads Products 

Green Roads offers a large number of products including oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, and beverages. Some of their products fall in the medium to high price range for CBD products, but they do offer a vast variety of products.

Making it easy for the customer to find the best method to utilize their high-quality, medicating CBD formula. 

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Road CBD Oil Quality

Green Roads CBD Oil  is one of the most popular CBD Oil choices among everyday CBD users

Green Roads CBD Oil Sizes: 7mg/ml, 10mg/ml, 17mg/ml, 23mg/ml, 25mg/ml, 37mg/ml, 50mg/ml, and 58mg/ml. 

This wide range of sizes provides beginners with the option to start slow, and experienced users with the ability to use a higher dosage. 

This brand also offers “on-the-go”, single-use, daily dosage packs. Daily Dosage packs make it much more convenient to consume CBD wherever you are. 

The best part about Green Roads CBD Oil is that there is no bad aftertaste. Green Roads CBD Oil tastes natural, making it much more enjoyable when taking it orally. They are famous for their “Original” flavor recipe but currently offer two other flavors: Mint Breeze, and Apple Kiwi Bliss

Green Roads CBD Capsules & Softgels

CBD Capsules for muscle relaxation

Green Roads CBD offers a small variety of capsules and softgels that will have a large impact on your body. Committing to their mission, these capsules aid in everyday support, sleep, and muscle relaxation. 

The capsules are made with an easily digestible glycerol base and deliver CBD consistently to aid in long-lasting relief.

All Green Roads CBD Capsules are gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan. Typically these capsules come in containers of 30, with each capsule containing 25mg of CBD. 

Green Roads CBD Edibles

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are one of the best products that Green Roads offers. Make your choice between four different options: 

  • Bears 
  • Froggies 
  • Sour Froggies
  • Fruit Bites 
  • Sleepy Z’s. 

You can find Green Roads CBD Gummies in sizes of 100mg, 200mg, and 300mg per pack. 

The Froggies are known to be the strongest and are a great option for arthritis, chronic pain, or depression. Sleepy Z’s are generally for individuals with insomnia, as each piece contains 30mg of CBD.

Outside of gummies, Green Roads offers a delicious Isolate CBD dark chocolate bar. The entire gourmet chocolate bar contains 180mg of CBD, broken into 12 pieces (15mg per chocolate square). 

We prefer the dark chocolate bar, but you will not be disappointed if you choose the gummies either. 

Green Roads CBD Topicals

CBD Creams and Topicals for Pain Relief and Skincare

Green Roads Topical Creams provide “hit the spot”, plant-based support, wherever it’s applied! Green Roads prides itself on making it paraben-free products, which means people with sensitive skin or allergies generally won’t have issues using them

Green Roads offers four different CBD Topicals

  • Muscle and Joint Relief 
  • Heat Relief CBD Roll-on
  • Cool Relief CBD Roll-on 
  • CBD Skin Relief Cream

The muscle and joint relief topical is pretty self explanatory, it will relieve pain of the area it is applied to.

The two different types of roll-ons may be a different story. They both are rubbed on and infused with natural ingredients that will either heat or cool the skin in the application area. 

Each of these options are great for all different kinds of pain relief. Green Roads CBD Topicals actually have a pretty high dosage of CBD compared to their competitors. Offering topicals with a CBD dosage of 150mg to 350mg of CBD per container. 

The skin relief cream was created by a licensed pharmacist, built to enhance your skincare. This delicate cream is made up of essential oils to help nourish your skin without the help of harmful chemicals. 

Green Roads CBD Beverages

Award Winning CBD Coffee and Tea

Made from 100% industrial organic hemp, Green Roads offers both CBD coffee and CBD tea. 

Not only do you get the added benefits of CBD to enhance your daily beverage, Green Roads Coffee is actually award winning because of its great Columbian flavor! 

CBD Coffee Flavors 

  • Founder’s Original 
  • Hazelnut 
  • French Vanilla 

Green Roads CBD Coffee will give you around 250mg of CBD in the entire package, and you can choose between natural and decaf versions.

CBD Tea Flavors 

  • Chamomile 
  • Peppermint. 

The CBD infused tea is a great way to relax your mind and body at the  end of a long day without the added caffeine to keep you up at night. This tea can be made just as easily as normal tea. Green Roads CBD Tea offers 7mg of CBD in each tea bag.

The CBD coffee and tea, both deliver a large amount of omega fatty acids, terpenes, oils, and vitamins, making them tasty and nutritional. These beverages are a perfect blend for your body and mind. Caffeine to get you moving and CBD to ease your mind. 

Green Roads Specialty

As a whole it can be tough to pin down one area that Green Roads exceeds in because they do so many things well. Green Roads is known for having a very versatile product line, as we discussed above. 

They have all different kinds of CBD edibles  as well as a wide range of CBD oil concentrations and flavors, they even offer CBD Coffee and Tea. 

One thing that sets Green Roads apart from its competition is their ownership. Green Roads is founded by a licensed compounding pharmacist, so you know you are getting the most pure, reliable, and clean materials.

They are heavily self regulated to ensure high product quality and are devoted to improving and enhancing customer health through the power of plants. 

Green Roads: Pros & Cons 



Long shelf life of 6-8 months CBD oil contains vegetable glycerin which can have a slight flavor
Large variety of products Shipping can be a bit slow
All products below 0.3% THC
Available lab results
Full refund policy if unsatisfied
Made in the U.S.A

Should You Buy Green Roads Products?

If you are looking for a high-quality CBD company that provides excellent service, then Green Roads is definitely the brand for you. They offer products that are customizable in terms of sizing, and flavor. You can even place their CBD oil in a vaporizer due to its vegetable glycerin component. 

At the moment it is good to be aware that there are no FDA approved CBD products, so when a CBD company uses independent testing and pharmacists to build their formula, you can usually expect an excellent product. 

This means you never need to worry about what is put inside these products. You always can ensure that you are receiving top-quality CBD, whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, or are looking for general relaxation. 

We recommend trying all of the different types of products to help find the best way to take your CBD!

Green Roads Review Score

Is Green Roads a good brand

Green Roads is one of the best CBD brands on the market today. They offer extremely high quality, all natural products at a fair price. 

They offer products for novice CBD users as well as CBD veterans. Green Roads is driven to innovate new ways for people to incorporate CBD into their lives, improving their overall health and well-being.

This company truly cares about improving the health of its customers through plant based products and natural solutions. They are committed to their company mission and continue to deliver year in and year out. 

Green Roads is so confident in their products that if you are at all unsatisfied with your purchase, they offer a full money-back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with your product in any way, you will receive a full refund. This type of brand confidence is another way they prove the quality of their products. 

Where to get the Best CBD Products 

Looking for some great deals on some of the best CBD on the market? Our online CBD shop, Puure Therapeutics, has tons of great prices on the top of the line Organic CBD Oils and Creams

Or, if you still want to learn more about Green Roads products or CBD in general before making a purchase, check out some of these other helpful guides we have created:


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