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Highest volume CBD Retailer in New Jersey is Puure Therapeutics Retailer of the Year.

The Nature’s Pavilion team, led by President and owner Steve Shah, demonstrates excellence at all levels.

It’s no surprise that Nature’s Pavilion was selected as Puure Therapeutics Retailer of the Year. For more than 24 years, Steve Shah has been a fixture in the natural products market who believes everything they sell in their stores should improve Quality of Life.

As the highest volume CBD retailer in New Jersey, their knowledge of the market, products, formulations, customer service and retailing expertise has created a great partnership.

Steve Shah, President and Owner Nature’s Pavilion WATCH VIDEO

I am proud to be retailer of the year for Puure Therapeutics” says Shah. “We are really surprised at how well it is doing,” Shah explains.

Most of the customers who bought it already have come back to reorder…repeat buyers. I had one woman the other day who bought the highest potency 1000mg… she bought every bottle that we had.

Puure Therapeutics was founded by a research pharmacist, a retail pharmacist, and a marketing executive who saw a path to developing a greater CBD product that raises the bar on quality and transparency and meets FDA scrutiny.

Launched in early 2020 with a line of CBD tinctures (1000mg, 500mg, 250mg) and CBD Muscle and Joint Relief Cream (1000mg, 500mg) and 100mg CBD Roll on, Puure is expanding their line with a new 1500mg CBD oil and CBD Gummies.

We look for partnerships with our retailers and we have found a great one with Steve and his team at Nature’s Pavilion,” says Naresh Mehta, CEO of Puure Therapeutics. “We’ve created a product based on consumer insight and driven by science.

Puure Therapeutics product line.

 Puure was developed for better taste (experience) and absorption to deliver a great experience for our customers. When they come back for more and tell their stories, we know we are doing something right.

It’s a line we highly recommend for anyone looking to bring in a CBD line,” says Shah.

To visit Nature’s Pavilion go to https://www.naturespavilion.net/

For more information on Puure Therapeutics visit https://puuretherapeutics.com/ or email [email protected]m

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