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Is CBD an effective natural therapy for back pain relief?

Can CBD be a natural path to relieve lower back pain fast? 

According to Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute’s study on chronic back pain, ​​Nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain every year. Some 16 million adults — 8 percent of all adults — experience persistent or chronic back pain, and as a result are limited in certain everyday activities.(1)

That’s a very large number by any stretch. This includes back pain during pregnancy and sciatic nerve pain. What’s even more alarming is the impact back pain has on quality of life and a person’s ability to work and function.

According to a study “The Most Expensive Medical Conditions in America” back pain is a leading cause of work-loss days. Some 83 million days of work are lost per year due to back pain(2) and it’s the leading cause of work-loss days as well as work limitations.

So what are options for back pain relief?

Lower back pain

Depending on the underlying issue, intense physical therapy or in the most extreme cases, surgery to repair the root cause of the pain and inflammation are required. Consultation with your medical professional is always recommended before starting any therapy.

Most therapies in the US to relieve pain rely heavily on pain relief through prescription medication and opioids leading to an overdependence on prescription medications. As more and more Americans are more aware of the harmful effects of opioids and their downside as a long term solution, many are seeking natural paths to pain relief.

Where does CBD fit in?

National Library of Medicine’s study using a 400 mg CBD topical lotion arrived at this conclusion. Hemp-derived CBD in a transdermal cream provided significant symptom and pain relief for the patients described in this case series. Based on these results, we believe further investigation is warranted to see if CBD-containing products should have a more prominent role in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

As a natural solution to pain relief, CBD cannot be overlooked as a natural path to symptom relief. With potencies of 1500mg, 1000mg and 500mg one premium player in the exploding CBD market is Puure Therapeutics. Their pharmacist formulated 500mg or 1000mg CBD Muscle & Joint Relief Cream combined with new 1500mg or 1000mg CBD oil has shown dramatic improvement in customers who state chronic back pain as their primary health issue.

“We’ve created a premium product based on consumer insights and driven by science. Puure was developed for better taste (experience) and absorption to deliver a great experience for our customers. When customers come back for more and we get repeat orders from key retailers and they tell their stories, we know we are doing something right. says Naresh Mehta, CEO of Puure Therapeutics.

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