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Puure Therapeutics Launches into Fitness Industry with Retail Programs for Fitness Professionals and Gym Locations.

Like community pharmacy owners, fitness industry professionals, personal trainers and nutritionists are trusted by their customers for advice and guidance on achieving healthy lifestyles.


Puure Therapeutics continues its growth by expanding retailer programs and opportunities for fitness professionals, personal trainers, gym locations and nutrition professionals. Puure’s commitment to developing high quality and purity CBD products with a focus on trusted community professionals remains core to our mission.

Puure was founded by Naresh Mehta, MS Pharmacy, a thirty year research pharmacist veteran at a global pharmaceutical company in charge of R&D for consumer healthcare. He personally oversees all formulations to ensure effectiveness and high quality.

“At the heart of Puure products is the benefit customers receive. We believe we are doing the right thing by creating safe, effective, high purity products to deliver on the promise of CBD,” says Naresh Mehta, CEO of Puure Therapeutics.

Puure’s commitment to delivering high margin, turnkey retail opportunities for local trusted professionals and making it easy for them is central to their growth strategy.

“We’ve had good success with community pharmacists, providing training, marketing and education and now we are bringing our high margin opportunity to fitness professionals and related locations,” says Naresh.

Ryan Maldonado, founder of Makro Fit Pro, is a fitness industry professional providing training, education and nutrition counseling to personal trainers and fitness professionals to help them scale their online businesses. As one of Puure’s newest fitness professional reps, Ryan sees the benefits of CBD and the opportunity Puure represents.

“I’ve used CBD and see how it benefited me and my clients…it’s made a huge difference in my life and the lives of others so adding CBD to my business was natural. I sought out a company with a high degree of professionalism, with a focus on quality products and great customer experiences that had a great platform I can just plug into…and I found Puure,” says Ryan

In addition to high quality formulations, the Puure team puts an extra focus on a suite of marketing materials and support and education including:

  1. Puure Product Selector – helps the front line team and customers self select products
  2. Puure CBD Hand Outs
  3. Puure CBD Educational Brochure – How does CBD work?
  4. Puure CBD Window signs
  5. Digital Marketing Assets – for email marketing
  6. Educational CBD Training Webinars – In Person or virtual for customers, staff and managers/owners
  7. Locking, rotating lucite display case
  8. Spanish language materials
  9. High margin products

“Marketing and education is key to sales and sales is key to growth, so we at Puure are willing to build materials and training programs that help the retailers be successful. We’re in it with them,” says Naresh.

For more information about Puure Therapeutics fitness industry program or to inquire about carrying Puure CBD products at your location, please visit puuretherapeutics.com or call 800-653-0914

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